On 2 October 2021, more than 100 professional players and amateurs gathered at the Royal Golf La Bagnaia to participate in the long-awaited Pro-Am of 2021.


Some of the best Italian professional players were present, including Jacopo Vecchi Fossa who set the course record last year, finishing the first day of competition with 62 strokes.


The competition included both a team ranking and a single ranking for professionals.


Among the PROs, the Milanese Federico Zucchetti, also with a background on tours, won the Pro-Am by completing the 18 holes in 68 strokes. Behind him Patrick Actis Alesina, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa, Rocco Sanjust and Adrea Perrino, all with 69 strokes.


For the team classification, the team made up of Jacopo Vecchi Fossa, Matilde Trocchi, Andrea Squarcetti and Bruno Riffeser Monti has kept faith with the prediction, winning with 130 total strokes.


“I thank all those present for the beautiful day of golf spent together – said Bruno Riffeser Monti during the award ceremony – It was a competition that combined fun with competitive spirit and was made possible with the support of the companies that have decided to support the our daily sponsorship but also the people who worked with commitment and passion for the success of the event. ”


Numerous awards have been made available by the companies that have supported La Nazione.


A special thanks to all the sponsors of the race including: Bisonte, with its leather products, Acqua di Fiesole, with natural creams, Banfi, which gave away magnums. Also Banca Arval, Locman and the La Bagnaia olive oil.