Our greens received their second coring of the year on the 1st and 2nd August.

Coring is an essential maintenance practice that includes removing “cores” from the greens and topdressing with sand. On this occasion, our greenkeeping team used 10mm cores.

Coring helps to avoid soil compaction and allow the grass to oxygenate and create new roots to grow stronger and more luxuriant.

Coring is carried out in order to:
– allow a correct exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the soil and the surrounding environment;
– decompact the soil avoiding the excessive formation of organic matter;
– allow the correct development of the roots of the stems;
– favor the deep penetration of water, avoiding surface stagnation;
– favor fertilization operations, thus ensuring the constant supply of nutrients;
– ensure optimal preparation for new grass seeds.

This type of maintenance is necessary to preserve the health of the turf and for being able to offer players a course that is always in the best playing conditions.

During this delicate phase of recovery it is even more important to observe the rules of label and therefore the repair of the pitchmark becomes fundamental to allow the green to recover as soon as possible.

Our maintenance team thank you for your understanding during the period of recovery and can’t wait to see you all face the course in it’s the best conditions.